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Why Rivers?

Rivers are the veins of the earth, transporting the water and nutrients needed to support our ecosystems, including human life.
Many of the Australian rivers we love and depend on are deteriorating. With a changing climate, this is threatening our drinking water, crucial habitat for our native plants and animals, and our wellbeing.

Water is life

Every living thing on this planet needs water. Clean and safe drinking water is critical to our health and survival.

Climate change

Our changing climate is adding further pressure on our rivers, threatening our drinking water, crucial habitat for wildlife, and our wellbeing.


It has been proven that spending time in and connecting to nature is fundamental to our wellbeing and mental health.

Help save Australia’s waterways — donate now to support our work.



Help save Australia’s waterways — donate now to support our work.


Our Work

At the ARRC, everything we do is underpinned by the belief that rivers and people need each other to thrive.


Help save our Forgotten River

The Upper Murrumbidgee River is in trouble and needs our help. Between 90 and 99 percent of the water is captured at the headwaters of the Murrumbidgee River each year for energy production. This leads to crises like in 2019 when the river at Tharwa dried up to nothing more than small pools.

Events like these mean that the river is unable to support basic human needs, such as our drinking water. Help save our Forgotten River and support us in our mission to bring water back to the ‘Bidgee.

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Our efforts to save the Upper Murrumbidgee are funded by generous donations from people like you. The ARRC is a registered charity recognised under the ACNC, and all donations are tax-deductible. Learn more about how donations are used here.


The Rivers of Carbon Program

Our on-ground program works with landholders to protect and restore Australia’s wetlands and waterways for long-term sustainability through integrated on-ground restoration strategies, including tree planting, fencing, small-scale erosion control, and more.

We have worked with over 300 landholders to protect nearly 2,000 hectares of riparian land.

Other Services

Our multidisciplinary team of writers, researchers, environmental scientists, social scientists, marketers and river enthusiasts are ready to work with you on all kinds of projects.

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Our Impact

The ARRC has spent 15+ years playing a pivotal role in bringing together First Nations, landholders, community groups and government to achieve the following:


kilometres of waterways protected and made more climate resilient — that’s further than Canberra to Sydney!


trees planted along waterways — that’s equivalent to 40+ trees planted every single day over fifteen years.


educational field days and workshops held for landholders and local communities, from Cooma to Cairns


alumni from our Emerging Leaders Waterway Management Program, now in its 7th year

Successfully campaigned to stop the raising of the Warragamba dam wall

Co-authored a business plan for an Indigenous Restoration Team and seeking funding to make this a reality

Empowering Australians nation-wide with the confidence to act on environmental issues via our newsletters and resources

Translating science to knowledge to help influence action and policy on waterways and climate change

With your help, we can continue making a difference.

Latest Updates

February 2024

Discover the Upper Murrumbidgee’s community voice: new Forgotten River survey results

In November through December 2023, we conducted a wide-ranging community survey as part of our Forgotten River campaign to measure the awareness, opinions, desires and values of people across Australia who care about the health of the Upper Murrumbidgee River. The response was overwhelming — people are deeply connected to this river, and are strongly invested in its health.

Survey Results Read the Media Release

Shane Rattenbury MLA, Dr. Siwan Lovett and Andy Lowes stand on the banks of Lake Burley Griffin.

Shane Rattenbury MLA, Dr. Siwan Lovett and Andy Lowes stand on the banks of Lake Burley Griffin. Image credit: Kylie Blakemore.


New hope for the future of the Forgotten River!

Our ‘Bidgee is starting to be remembered! Our Forgotten River campaign catalysed substantial and meaningful change in securing a much-needed ~$50 million support package for the Upper Murrumbidgee, including $20m for catchment health initiatives, $30m to purchase water in times of drought and $500,000 for First Nations to genuinely have their say in the ongoing management of the river. The Upper Murrumbidgee still needs more water, but we are hopeful that this agreement sets in motion the ability for these flows to be provided in future years.

Left to right: Ritchie Allan, Bradley Bell, Dr. Siwan Lovett, Sen. David Pocock, Andy Lowes.

Left to right: Richie Allan, Bradley Bell, Dr. Siwan Lovett, Sen. David Pocock, Andy Lowes.

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