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We combine science, expertise, experience and a people-first approach to protect and restore our rivers, creeks, wetlands and billabongs.

We work across six interconnected areas of activity:

Our approach is relational and people-centred, acting on our belief that we need to work collaboratively with each other and nature to thrive. We do our best to acknowledge and include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge and experience throughout all we do, recognising that we have much to learn and that our land and waters were never ceded.

Projects you might have seen:


Our team is passionate about improving our environment and combating climate change. This passion naturally lends itself to actively engaging in advocacy campaigns for our waterways. We engage in evidence-based storytelling, have robust conversations and collaborate with fellow advocates in championing change. Much of this work is funded from engaged donors.

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Tiranna, just outside of Goulburn NSW, is a 5,000 acre property with one of the last remaining ‘chain-of-ponds’ systems alongside the Mulwaree River. Rivers of Carbon is working closely with landholders like the Gibson family to restore the riparian areas, improve waterway health and biodiversity outcomes.

On-ground river and riparian restoration

Our on-ground projects combine sound science and long-term partnership with landholders, funders and delivery partners to restore and improve the waterways on their properties. We do this through integrated strategies such as fencing stock, tree plantings, erosion control and more. Multiple benefits can be gained for both the environment and on-farm productivity, and at a larger scale, we deliver broader impact across whole river valleys and catchments. We also engage volunteers and businesses in planting days.

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Science communication

We disseminate science-based communication through telling stories that matter. We help organisations and groups engaged in innovative science and practice to develop a strategic approach to their communications, ensuring focused and engaging messaging, and the ability to adapt messaging over time. Our work primarily involves communications strategy, digital asset creation, event curation and online promotions.

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Long-term partnerships are the bedrock of ARRC’s activities. We engage with scientists, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, waterway managers, Government departments and agencies, landholders, on-ground partners, students, volunteers, local community members and many more. We are also currently seeking business partners to enable new on-ground waterway projects with landholders in ACT and NSW.

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Stakeholder engagement

In the complex operating environment of natural resources management, engaging stakeholders is a challenging task and one that doesn’t lend itself to short-term efforts. We approach stakeholder engagement using three elements of relational accountability: connection to place, prioritising process over outcome, and trust as a by-product of being accountable. These help create an environment of connection, trust, and relationships between people, place and outcomes, that ensures the integrity of the environmental stewardship outcomes.


We help emerging leaders to realise their potential. Natural resource management is a particularly challenging sector for young professionals, even beyond the usual challenges of establishing a career. We deliver a mentoring program that pairs mentors and mentees to actively engage in a project, getting the opportunity to learn both through hands-on practice, in the context of a relationship and with opportunities for learning and reflection in the larger group. We also speak at conferences and offer tailored workshops on effective leadership.

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