Kyden smiley face 2

Those of you who follow us on Facebook (where we post every day – please join us!), will know that I was delighted when my friend Sarina Loo sent me this very special photograph of her new baby son Kyden McKinney.  Kyden is just a few days old and there in the crib is the ARRC Yellow Smiley Man!!  Sarina said she took the smiley face guy (otherwise known as anti-negativity emotional contagion device) with her to remind her of the laughs, stories and shared beliefs we have about the value of people and taking time to care for each other.

Have to tell you it made my day and I decided that Kyden was a worthy ARRC Yellow Award Winner – for promise, potential and making those around him feel great!

For more on smiley face guy  follow the links to ARRC Yellow Awards – nominations are always open.  If you want an ‘anti-negativity emotional contagion device’ for yourself you can now order Smiley Face Guy through our new shop!

Siwan  🙂