Gabrielle and Yamini who are the powerhouse behind  ‘one thousand and one‘ the organisational storytelling experts have just released a new free downloadable ebook  titled Eliminate Death by PowerPoint They have done so because:

In the work we do with leaders around storytelling they often ask for tips and techniques to be better presenters. This combined with our professional goal to eliminate death by PowerPoint was the catalyst in writing this book.

Survey after survey shows that people fear public speaking over death.  More people would prefer to be the person in the coffin than the person delivering the eulogy.  That is very sad …because with preparation and practice everyone can get better at presenting …and the better you get at it the less you will fear it.

In the book we have pulled together over 20 years presentation experience.  Now there are countless books out there on presenting and this is not a summary of that information.  This book is about what we believe works and what we have seen work.   The focus of the book is on the content, helping you determine what you say and how you present it.

I have downloaded the ebook and it is excellent, with many great suggestions and ideas you can put into practice.  You can also subscribe to the ‘one thousand and one’  blogs which are also terrific.  Let me know how you get on.