Give your brain cells a break from day to day, and indulge in a bit of philosophy with this  article written by Ed Pinero and produced through the Center for a Better Life (great name and worth a look).  Ed explores ideas around ‘water stewardship’ which is a term used overseas and which is increasingly being used here in Australia.

With a growing awareness of the value and fragility of our water resources, it was expected there would be increased interest in knowing more about how we as a society interact with water. But what do people really want to know and expect? One significant aspect of this dialogue is understanding the true meaning of water stewardship. That is, how do we, whether a company, municipality, nation or individual, act as stewards of water? We need to realize that stewardship means caring for something of value so it is also available for those who come after us. It means we use the resource but do not own it. We often talk about current society being stewards of our environment, ecosystem and natural resources, such that future generations can also benefit. Actually, good stewardship is the underpinning of the concept of sustainability and sustainable development.

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You might also want to look at the Alliance for Water Stewardship who have a vision that I wholeheartedly sign on to:

Water users and managers are responsible water stewards, who protect and enhance freshwater resources for people and nature.

and also Water Stewardship Australia who focus on developing standards and approaches for water management within an accreditation framework.