Rivers of Carbon Guideline front coverThis Guideline explains what bio-diverse carbon is, where it is found and how it relates to river management. It is easy to read and provides the science behind the carbon cycle, greenhouse gases, carbon sequestration, and how we can create ‘rivers of carbon’ for environmental and economic benefits.

Written by Jann Williams, Phil Price, Michael Rooney and Siwan Lovett, it moves beyond a simple fact sheet to provide clear, concise and accurate information about the opportunities ‘biodiverse carbon’ offers for landholders. The Guideline is part of the suite of products for the Rivers of Carbon: Southern Riparian Linkages project being managed by the ARRC on behalf of the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Future Biodiversity Fund.

You can find out more about this project by visiting the website www.riversofcarbon.org.au and joining us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.