Water: Science and Solutions for Australia provides the latest information about the status of Australia’s water resources and their future prospects, the many values we hold for water, and the potential for using water more effectively to meet the growing demands of cities, farmers, industries, and the environment.  The book has been edited by Dr Ian Prosser and I was fortunate enough to help out with the development of the publication when the team were planning how to approach this topic.

The publication draws upon the scientific literature to provide a broader audience with a clear picture of the water challenges and prospects facing Australia.  Written by scientists and practitioners it seeks to provide a bridge from the peer-reviewed scientific literature to a broader audience of society, while providing the depth of science that this complex issue demands and deserves.

The book has been written so that it is accessible to all and can be used to underpin decisions that need to be made in business, in government, and in general to respond to the challenges of water resource management.

You can download the book from the  CSIRO Publishing website as:

Hard copies of Water: Science and Solutions for Australia are also available on our CSIRO PUBLISHING website. Includes ISBN and full bibliographic information.

Many congratulations to the CSIRO team that put this publication together, in particular, Ian Prosser, Mary Mulcahy and Bill Young.