The Upper Murrumbidgee Demonstration Reach (UMDR) spans 100 km over two jurisdictions between Bredbo (NSW) and Casuarina Sands (ACT). The reach is a collaborative partnership between the ACT Government, NSW Government and local communities who are working together to address the multiple threats to native fish. Historic clearing of riparian vegetation, invasion by pest plant and fish species, erosion and sedimentation, smothering of in-stream habitat, barriers to fish passage and significant water diversions at Tantangara Dam have drastically changed the health of the river. Despite these impacts, the Upper Murrumbidgee River is valued as a significant riverine ecosystem containing the critical habitats for several nationally listed threatened species, including Trout Cod, Murray Cod and Macquarie Perch.

Demonstration reaches are a key theme of the Native Fish Strategy, and reveal how restoration of our native fish communities and the rehabilitation of the health of our waterways can be achieved through the integration of multiple management actions, strong community involvement, and monitoring and evaluation.