We have just come back from a fascinating and enjoyable four days running a workshop hosted by Desert Channels Queensland and attended by staff  and members of the wider community.  The workshop focused on connecting through conversation, as well as examining communication styles and how to promote creativity in the workplace.   We arrived in the middle of a thunderstorm which was very exciting (!) and the landscape was transformed due to the rain – as a result, we went up in a helicopter to take a peek and, for those of you that know me (Siwan), that is a very brave thing to do!  Thank you Desert Channels Queensland and the Longreach community for being so welcoming and participating enthusiastically in the two days, we had a great time.

Siwan and Nerida

This is what Mike Castrisos, Corporate Consultant with Desert Channel Solutions had to say “Our staff worked through a two day workshop that was held at the Stockman’s Hall of Fame in Longreach Queensland. Over the two days, our staff focused on connecting through conversations, communication and creativity. Sounds interesting! Well it was! Siwan and Nerida didn’t miss a beat!  All participants felt valued and respected and took from this event something relevant after the two days.  For me the highlights were some self discovery of how I could improve and perfect my skills in communication and conversation. The added bonus was “meeting” TED.com – a wonderful site! Check it out! A  brilliant resource for initiating conversations and communication strategies for presentations.” More