A few weeks ago I was contacted by Geoff Heard who had come across True Tales of the Trout Cod and found the stories fascinating.  Geoff then shared his experience of the site with others through his blog – thank you Geoff that is exactly what we want people to do!

A little while back, I moved to the town of Kyneton, around 80 km north-west of Melbourne. Kyneton is just on the other side of the Great Dividing Range, and lies in the catchment of the Murray-Darling Basin. Being a keen fisherman, I’ve been exploring the local creeks and rivers chasing some action. One of these ramblings let me to the Campaspe River at Redesdale, just above Lake Eppalock. My first visit in autumn last year revealed a river of great beauty – here the Campaspe runs through a deep basalt gorge, and tumbles over a mix of basalt boulders and mudstone reefs. Add to this crystal clear water and towering Redgums, and I thought I’d found my own fishing utopia. But the fishing itself has been woeful – I’m yet to catch a single fish here, despite multiple trips and varying techniques.

Enter Will Trueman. Through his book, I now know that this section of the Campaspe was once the fishing paradise I thought it should be. Historical accounts suggest this section of the Campaspe was home to Murray Cod, Trout Cod, Macquarie Perch, Silver Perch and Catfish, and that they were there in profusion. What’s more, he provides some proof from the very spot I’ve been fishing. (see pic).

A thumping Macquarie Perch from the Campaspe at Redesdale, circa 1920

I can’t wait to scour Will’s book over the next few weeks – I’m sure to find many more such historical gems. Who knows, it might just give me the kick I’ve needed to turn wistful dreaming about what was once was, into an active role in ecosystem restoration….

If you want to read the full article follow this link to Geoff’s blog where Will has also offered some comments.