Flood at Goondiwindi just before peak

Like most of Australia (and sometimes the rest of the world), we have been watching the Queensland floods with our hearts in our mouths waiting for what will happen next.  Some of the video clips (particularly this one in Toowoomba), are more spellbinding than a Hollywood movie, and you are left with an overwhelming sense of the power of water and rivers.  Here at the ARRC we realise that rivers are our lifeblood, but when they are angry they are incredibly dangerous as well.

I have been following the regular BoM updates, as well as the #qldfloods twitter feed.  What has amazed and impressed me is the great use of social media to keep people connected and up to date with what is happening.  Another demonstration of the fact that it is people who make a difference.  I am particularly impressed by a Queensland Floods summary site web site put together in 4 hours by a group of volunteer Drupal programmers – Justin Freeman from Agileware and James Dellow from Headshift are just two of the people I know who are involved in this, (and I realise there are many more who I am unable to name – great thanks to all of you).  It is amazing what they have created, and it shows what is possible when there is a critical need.

The other small site I heard about was from a friend in Goondiwindi, where their local council has set up a Facebook site to keep the community informed. The Goondiwindi Regional Council site is being followed closely by members of the Goondinwindi/Boggabilla comunity and they are sharing some fantastic photos as well.    Our thoughts are with all those who are suffering losses as a result of the floods…Dorothea Mackellar’s poem about Australia…”of droughts and flooding rains”  is certainly ringing true at the moment.