I completed a three day Executive Certificate in Positive Psychology with ‘Dr Happy’ (Tim Sharp) from The Happiness Institute and thoroughly enjoyed myself, as well as learning some new techniques and ways of approaching life.  The Happiness Institute is now running a series of one day workshops and longer courses that you may be interested in attending.

We are committed to helping people learn and practice the skills and approaches that promote happiness. We offer a range of courses and coaching formats to accommodate varying needs and circumstances. If you’d like to know more about who we are click here.  Our approach is based on the understanding that happiness is achievable by all of us and the skills and strategies required for a happier life, including helpful, optimistic thinking and healthy, energising behaviours, can be learned.

I am going to be getting a refresher course with Dr Happy when he is in Canberra in June, I really encourage you to take the opportunity to do some ‘different’ personal development and get yourself along to one of these sessions.