We can sometimes need help with our habit of forgetting to breathe…

– Two Green Threads

By now we’re all familiar with Covid-19, but my friend Suzy Nethercott-Watson – the founder of Two Green Threads, a not-for-profit supporting wildlife carers – introduces me to ‘Covid-19 tea’ as she joins me for an episode of Conversation with a Cuppa.

Yes, that was my initial reaction too!

Rest assured, the tea has absolutely no connection to the virus. It is merely titled so because Suzy’s discovery of her new favourite chai tea was made when she got chatting to a fellow shopper who was also looking for tea on bare supermarket shelves, as a result of the current pandemic. The tea she took home on her new friend’s recommendation, was one she hadn’t tried before, and it will forever be interlinked with Covid-19 in her mind.

Suzy and I reflect on the tough few months we’ve had in Australia, which has caused people to be in a heightened state of anxiety and fear for longer periods of time than we are used to. This episode talks about a resource called ‘Take Care to Give Care’ – a Guide that Two Green Threads has produced for wildlife carers, but which also applies to all of us in current times.  We acknowledge and discuss the strength and scale of impact these recent events are having on our minds, body and general well being, and share how we can build resilience through the A-B-C framework shared in the ‘Take Care to Give Care’ Guide – Awareness, Balance and Connection.

Please take some time to have a listen. We hope it will help you to better understand your own reactions to current events, and assist you in making time for your own self care. We have provided a few examples that might help you get started.

‘Take Care to Give Care’ guide

If you enjoyed this episode and found it helpful and thought-provoking, we encourage you to head on over to Two Green Threads and read the full Take Care to Give Care guide.

Visit Two Green Threads

Encouraging connection

With more and more people practising social distancing, and as a result spending more time online, we’re increasing our activity on social media, and moving our regular monthly emails to weekly ones.  We will be sharing cartoons (like the Leunig classic below), quotes and helpful tips to get us through these really strange times.  It is going to be so important to care for yourself so you can be in a position to give care to others. Please follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our email newsletter today.

Written and narrated by: Siwan Lovett
Guest speaker: Suzy Nethercott-Watson
Podcast production: Pat Gudhka