It is somewhat ironic that most of us working in natural resources management spend more time at the desk than out ‘on the river’ or ‘in the paddock’.  Well, if you need some facts to support your need to get out of the office, have a look at this article entitled ‘Just how dangerous is sitting all day?’ Sitting down, which most of us are now doing for 9.3 hours a day (and 7.7 hours sleeping) is looking like being the worst thing we can do for our health.

This  article combines some scary facts with stand out graphics about the dangers of sitting down – for example, sitting for more than 6 hours per day makes you 40% more likely to die within 15 years, than someone who only sits for 3 hours, even if you exercise….  There is also evidence of a 64% increased risk of  heart disease, as well as a host of other problems relating to obesity, diabetes, spinal and other postural issues.  We encourage you to send this article around your office so that it can be shared widely and hopefully provide support for any work activities that enable people to move…….