In the week of the Science Festival, I came across a great blog from Ines Cifuentes of the Amercian Geophysical Union who talks about the need for scientists to become storytellers.  What does that mean? Instead of relying on giving out information, we have to use emotions, humor, visuals, anything and all to draw people in, hold their attention, and make them learn.

This blog also linked us to the work of Randy Olson who is a scientist turned film maker. In his ‘Benshi Blog’, there is a film about the rare Majestic Plastic Bag: A Mockumentary – we encourage you to take a look.  Randy has also written a book called Don’t be such a scientist, talking substance in an age of style – we will be reviewing this book and getting back to you!  We have also placed more of Ines Cifuentes’s blog on our New information and knowledge page.