is a magazine that collates and synthesises science and practice around river management themes and presents this knowledge in ways that make it relevant and applicable for policy-makers and practitioners alike.  The magazine started in 1997 and has a large following amongst those in the Australian community with shared interests in river and riparian management.  After a brief lapse, we are now delighted that RipRap is back with a new look and approach to sharing knowledge.

The latest edition of RipRap is on ‘bringing back native fish’, and contains 60 pages of great articles featuring  fish related science, on-ground works, oral history and community engagement from across Australia.  It is a wonderful, uplifting edition,  great to hand out at conferences, workshops and field days, as well as to have in the tea room at work, and as a reference document on what is happening  ‘fish-wise’ in different parts of the country. You can take a sneak peek of the first 7 pages here.

To order your hard copy (ies) of RipRap follow this link.   We expect to be delivering copies around the end of August.