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In our Western society we place a high value on rational, logical thinking, often believing that the best decisions are those underpinned by science and technical reason. We know, however, that it is emotion that largely governs decision making. This means that for collaboration to occur and lead to great river restoration outcomes, we need to place our ‘rational’ thinking within the broader context of people’s lives.

By using the ‘Five Ps’ framework it is possible to incorporate the many different factors and experiences that impact upon a person working in river restoration. The Five Ps stand for: Profit, Proof, People, Place and Promise and were developed to highlight the full range of factors that impact on natural resources management decision making. It is a framework that can be applied at a number of different levels, from the individual through to an organisation.

We are sharing the Five Ps with you and would love to hear how you use it to promote collaborative action. Please share it with others, and adapt and modify it to suit your needs.

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