Congratulations to the Murray-Darling Basin Authority in delivering the new Proposed Basin Plan which has:

 involved a major effort by basin communities, State Governments, local councils, catchment management authorities, community groups, people in towns, people on the land, indigenous communities and business groups. This is not an inclusive list either – so many individuals and groups have contributed considerable time and energy to help us to build this Plan.

It has been an intensive process over the last 12 months, involving hundreds of round table meetings and briefings in council facilities, on farms, racing tracks or town halls.  There have been formal and informal meetings, conversations and thousands of phone calls. Based on local preferences and at your invitation we have responded to your desire to talk and to share information.

Our role now, is to summarise and present what we have heard and the associated changes we have made to the Plan as a result.  (MDBA)

The MDBA website has summaries of the proposed Basin Plan, the full document and other supporting information to encourage people to read, watch a video, consider and discuss with others.