After a highly successful inaugural 2010 Leadership Program, the Peter Cullen Water & Environment Trust is proud to announce that the 2011 Science to Policy Leadership Program is now open for applications.

This Program focuses on building leadership and communication skills specifically geared to bringing about positive change in water management in Australia.  The program selects attendees who are highly motivated, knowledgeable and skilled people who can continue the work of Peter Cullen.

Who was Peter Cullen?

Peter Cullen, AO (1943-2008) made an enormous contribution to the management of natural resources in Australia, most of all around water.  He is remembered for his superb capacity to synthesise and communicate complex ideas, simply and clearly, to local communities, policy makers and politicians in a way that supported them to make decisions and take action.

About this Leadership Program

The program is a journey of personal discovery. It challenges participants to stretch themselves beyond their current boundaries and realise their potential to make a real difference in their chosen careers.

The 2011 Science to Policy Leadership Program is comprised of two hands-on sessions, consisting of experiential learning. These focus on developing leadership and communication skills that will enable river and catchment scientists, policy makers and other key stakeholders to effectively participate in, and influence, policy and political agendas.

Current leaders in science, policy and political spheres will share their experiences in leading informed decision-making.

What Participants Take Away From the Program

• You will engage with current leaders in science, policy and political spheres who will share their experiences in leading informed decision making.

• You’ll deepen your understanding of the policy development process and the role of science in this process.

• You will develop your leadership qualities so that you’ll be better equipped to make a difference in water system management.

• You’ll gain an understanding of, and improved skills in, effective communication in policy and political environments.

• Graduates of the program are then known as Fellows of the Peter Cullen Trust. As potential leaders in your field, Fellows may be invited by the Trust to assist future participants in leadership programs or to contribute to future programs, should they wish to do so.

• After graduation, you’ll have the opportunity to network with each other and with the water industry leaders known as the Friends of the Peter Cullen Trust.

• The Trust also offers a Mentoring Program to Peter Cullen Trust Fellows.

Want More Information?

Download the application pack from Applications must be received by 5pm 31 March 2011.