Nicola Dixon from the Sydney Metro CMA got in touch to tell me about a ‘Passion Mashin’ workshop she recently attended:

What sounds more intriguing: environmental volunteering, or environmental volunteering at dawn, in the nude, with yoga, where you knit tree guards and make instruments from the woody weeds you’ve removed, followed by a big brekky made of native bush foods and weeds, and a photo shoot for a volunteer calendar?

Change consultant Les Robinson’s ‘Passion Mashin’ workshops are all about harnessing the power of re-invention to rethink the models we are wedded to and spark new interest in existing activities.

I attended one of Les’ workshops recently and was delighted to see some of Sydney’s long-term Bushcarers come up with innovative ways to attract potential new volunteers to their groups, which in turn reinvigorated the group members themselves.

If you would like to know more about the mashing of passions or any other of Les Robinson’s workshops, please visit his website

Sounds like great fun to be able to expand your ideas and free your thinking…..though getting up at dawn to do nude yoga while knitting a tree guard might take a bit of getting used to as an approach to community engagement – oh dear, my natural conservatism is showing itself…..must work on that!

Siwan 🙂