As the regular readers of this site know, Siwan and I regularly run a workshop called Connecting Through Conversation and Story and one of the things that has struck me recently is that without a conversation, we cannot build a relationship.  That conversation may not be face to face – it may be via email, text message (as all teenagers are well aware of), or via Skype.  Conversation is how we work out how the other person fits into our world and what our commonalities are, as well as our differences.

In the environment sector (as in most sectors) we are all trying to build those relationships of trust that enable us to share our beliefs, values and aspirations for the planet in order to make a difference.  The most effective  way to do this is by having a conversation.  The importance of this initial conversation tends to be largely underestimated.  If you get it right so many wonderful things can be achieved. But, if you get it wrong, it may take years to correct the damage created in this poorly managed interaction.

Today I came across a wonderful blog posting from Ron Donaldson on how to create new links by breaking individuals out of their comfort groups. I love the way this series of conversations came together and was so impressed that they too were using Anecdote Circles.

We will be running our next Connecting through Conversation workshop in Brisbane on the 30th of September in conjunction with the International River Symposium 2011. If you would like to attend please register here.