Murry darling Basin Authority logoThe Sustainable Rivers Audit (SRA) is an initiative of Basin governments, coordinated on their behalf by the Murray–Darling Basin Authority.  Overseen and reported by an independent group of river ecologists, the Independent Sustainable Rivers Audit Group, the SRA provides scientifically robust assessments of the ecological health of the Murray– Darling Basin rivers.

This new report outlines the nature of the Audit and the ways that environmental data are used to assess ecosystem health. It presents ‘report cards’ on river ecosystem health for each of the 23 valleys in the Basin. Each of the valleys was sampled once for Vegetation and Physical Form, twice for Fish, three times for Macroinvertebrates and four times for Hydrology.  Follow this link for online access.   Printed copies can also be requested here.

Alys Wall, SRA Theme Coordinator