On Monday 17 December, Maree Abood, Director Urban Water, Department of Primary Industries Office of Water, was presented with a Yellow Award from the Australian River Restoration Centre for her ‘steady, positive and compassionate leadership that motivates and inspires her teams and peers’.

Bruce Boyes, who worked closely with Maree as Program Manager for the Hawkesbury-Nepean River Recovery Program made the nomination, stating,

 “Maree is an incredibly inspiring leader – I’ve found her to be unflappable in the most difficult of situations – for me a “rock” when the high pressure meant I was turning to sand!”

The nomination and Bruce’s sentiments were srtongly supported by the entire Hawkesbury-Nepean River Recovery Program management team as well as Maree’s Urban Water colleagues who took part in a morning tea held to commemorate the achievement.

Upon receiving the award, Maree said

 “I am deeply honoured to be a recipient of the Australian River Restoration Centre’s Yellow Award. I truly believe in what I do and am constantly inspired by my incredibly gifted and dedicated colleagues all of whom strive to find solutions to protect and restore our valuable water resources for current and future generations. This was a wonderful surprise and fantastic end to a challenging year. Thank you.”

Well done Maree!  I love seeing those smiling faces so if you have someone you would like to nominate please get in touch.  Siwan 🙂