Invitation : The National Water Commission would be delighted if you are able to attend the managing wetlands workshop they are organising to assist wetland and environmental water management practitioners.  To find out more, register and view the invitation, program and other relevant information visit:

Wetlands Workshop

If you know others who may be interested in this workshop, please circulate this invitation across your networks. Please register by 23 August 2011.

 This workshop is a unique opportunity to learn about the new products and tools for wetland managers and the science underpinning them. The event is a chance for environmental water and wetland managers to engage with experts and scientists in the fields of wetland and environmental water management, explore topics of interest and gain hands-on experience of the tools. The opportunity to meet with peers and develop professional networks is also a primary goal for the workshop. This is an event not to be missed.

The new knowledge being shared at the workshop relates directly to the five priority knowledge issues identified by members of the Environmental Water Managers Community of Practice.

1.     Managing environmental water allocations (Sulfidic Sediments in Inland Waterways – Baldwin and Nias)

2.     Understanding and identifying flow/ecology relationships (Water regime of wetland and floodplain plants: a new source book – Roberts and Marston and Watering Floodplain Wetlands in the Murray-Darling Basin for Native Fish – Gawne and Beesley)

3.     Using monitoring to improve flow/allocation regimes (Adaptive management of wetlands and rivers – the role of waterbirds as indicators – Kingsford and Framework and Assessment of Wetland and Riverine Health – An Australian Perspective – Taylor)

4.     Managing water on a whole-of-catchment basis (Australian Environmental Water Management – highlights from the 2010 report)

5.     Explaining outcomes and benefits of environmental water to the community (Cultural Flows: a Practitioners Perspective, Aboriginal Engagement in Water Planning and Recognising Ecosystem Service Benefits and Values in Water Planning)

This workshop is a free event, and numbers are limited so register early.  If you would like more information email