A friend of mine recently sent me an email recommending that I watch this TED talk by Bunker Roy.  I am so glad I did, as the talk is inspirational and highlights the many different forms of ‘knowledge’ that exist, and the reality that in western societies we tend to dismiss knowledge if it is not codified in a book, or passed on to us by someone who has an official degree.

Bunker Roy has set up ‘Barefoot Colleges’ across India, Africa, Afghanistan and other parts of the world where people are trying to improve their quality of life.  Roy is a firm believer in knowledge gained through experience, and his talk provides some incredible examples of local people with no formal education developing solar, hydro and other community projects.

I really recommend you watch or download the pod cast for this wonderful talk which has a personal relevance to me, as my mother Jinnie is currently working in a school in Purkal, India where she is volunteering her time to develop science curricula about climate change, the environment and water – go Mum!!  Link to Bunker Roy TED talk.