How often have you been studiously working away and thought “I know I have the information for that problem” but when you go looking for it you cannot find it? You would be surprised at how many people and organisations have exactly that problem. They know they have the information somewhere and someone remembers it but it is not to be found.

Come along to our experiential learning session on how to develop an information and knowledge strategy. We can take you through the real life problems of an organisation and how you might go about solving some of these problems. You also get to meet others with similar interests and will have the opportunity to learn from each other.

You’ll need to hurry though – the training is being held next week  – full details of this two-day event and how to register can be found here.

This is a real value for money event where all accommodation, meals and training are included in the price. This makes it easy for your manager to agree with this all inclusive event. If you are interstate the only additional costs will be travel.  This is an excellent end-of-financial-year opportunity.