I felt that this quote from William Shakespeare summed up 2012 for me and the team at ARRC.  We have had a great year, and the reason for this is that we have received support from so many people who like what we do.  Revitalising RipRap has given us such pleasure, and thank you to everyone who completed the on-line survey, took the time to send me an email, or have a chat about what it means to have the magazine back in circulation.  We have support for two more editions next year, and I feel pretty confident we will be able to keep RipRap going for many years.

I want to say a special thank you to Sandra D’Souza, Allison Mortlock, Lori Gould, Phil Price, Melissa Gabelle and Richard Snashall who have worked with me this year.

I hope that everyone reading this blog has a good break over Christmas and returns in 2013 feeling reinvigorated for another year of sharing knowledge, stories and accomplishing great things in NRM.

All the very best


PS: the ARRC will be closed till 14th January