There is so much talk of ‘information overload’ in our society. Are we really overloaded or are we over-consuming? I have been hearing about this concept for so many years now and I was fascinated by this blog posting by Clay Johnson which I fell across this week. Clay’s argument is that we are over-consuming information just the way we over-consume food.  It is in our power to control this over-consumption.

A few years ago now, Luke Naismith of Knowledge Futures coined the phrase ‘infoluenza’ at an Australian Government Libraries Information Network (AGLIN) conference and had a room full of librarians rapt in the concept. Is this another variation on ‘Affluenza’ where he/she who has the most information wins? What about the quality of the information?  Are we just becoming bower birds and collecting for the sake of collecting.  I know I have been guilty of this in the past but I am now becoming much more selective about what I read or don’t read.

I am now finding that twitter is one of my best sources of information.  It comes in nice small bites and I can tell immediately (at least most of the time) whether or not to read on by following the link provided (remember twitter is only 140 characters maximum).  By following the ABC, ABC Rural and SBS I get all the news headlines as they happen.  I also follow a number of river, sustainable agriculture and environmental management feeds as well. Email is becoming a lesser source of information with my desire to log in and read each email rapidly dwindling.  I am hearing similar comments from my colleagues in knowledge management.  How do you find your best sources of information and knowledge?  We would love to hear your stories and comments on this ever present topic.