RipRap 35 front coverDo you like what the ARRC does and would you like to help?  The ARRC is a not-for-profit organisation that I (Siwan) set up a few years ago using my own funds.  We need to raise money to fund our core activities and enable us to keep growing.  You could help us do this by buying a copy of RipRap, by liking us on Facebook (so we are more attractive to potential sponsors), sharing this postcard with your contacts and by spreading the word about the work we do.

One copy of RipRap sold is $12.00 for the ARRC ($3.00 for postage) so I am aiming to raise $1200.00 this month by selling 100 copies.  So far I have sold 20 copies so I have 80 to go …..  Mulitple orders are cheaper, just follow the prompts on our online shop. Looking forward to getting your order!

We are now accepting PayPal and major credit cards.

Siwan 🙂