As a coach, I work with people who are taking the time to think about where they are at, why they are doing what they are doing, and the possibilities that are open to them in their life, both professionally and personally.  Recently, I have had two of my coaching clients have AHA moments when they realised that now is the time to put ideas that have been bubbling around in their heads and hearts into action.  It is wonderful to be a part of a process where these AHA moments occur, and I know that it only happens when people are able to combine their passion with their purpose. In terms of a “formula” for happiness this is one of the best…

Happiness = passion PLUS purpose

Combine these two and you’ll realise the power of positivity. Check out this great article by Michael Broder from the Huffington Post:

Once you have acquired much of what you’ve ever wanted and achieved the main things you’ve set out to do, what’s next? How can you continue to grow and achieve even greater happiness in your life? You may have already attained personal success, but as most high achievers would tell you, even the most noteworthy accomplishments as well as the status that results can feel old and unexciting after a while.

Mahatma Gandhi said “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” He also observed that by chasing happiness for yourself, it eludes you; but by helping others to find it, it finds you. Moving beyond yourself and focusing on a greater good is not only a way to help another person, cause or group of people, but a way to expand your own potential for fulfillment and true happiness while still living your passions. There’s no need to “move the earth” to make a difference. Any step, big or small, can be important and impactful in an effort to help whatever or whomever you recognize that’s in need, as long as you forgo your own expectations of reciprocity.

We all have passions that are unique to us. How can you combine one of yours with a purpose outside of yourself to help the greater good? What cause(s) inspire you? Think about something you enjoy doing or that you’re interested in that you might not have a chance to do or be involved in during your daily life. Now think about how you can turn this interest into a way to help some person, a group/organization, a world issue or even a cause like animals or the environment…

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