Dr Tim Sharp posted this blog which I thought I would share with all of you.  Tim talks about how we can take a different look at the world as happiness is often there, amidst the real troubles of the world,we just don’t tend to look for it.

This short video (it is an advertisement but it is worth watching)  shows how you can look at the world differently and how, although we often focus on all the bad and negatives in the world, there are also so many good and positive things going on.  Check out the video HERE.  

As Tim says:

Keep your eyes open for happiness from now on. Yes, the reality is that there’s war and famine and theft and…well, all sorts of “bad stuff”. But let’s not, let’s please not also forget that the reality is also full of love and kindness and generosity and so, so much “good stuff”.

Siwan 🙂