‘And they just stood there’.  Nobody moved, I couldn’t believe it!’  Sound familiar?

Haven’t we all said these words at one time or another? The bystander phenomena is more than just a cause of frustration, it represents one of the major challenges to those of us seeking  more participative and successful organisations, as well as a sustainable world.   I believe that working in NRM and knowledge sharing we all need to be aware of why so many people stand back and wait for others to take the lead.  Our role as change agents  is to encourage participation, and provide people with the confidence to step forward.

The one or two day workshop ‘Bystanding to Action’, is focusing on how individual change can lead to group, and in turn, whole systems change.   Dr Peter Rennie from Leadership Australia is running these workshops across Australia, and I am  going to be partnering with him for the  Canberra event.  I really like Peter’s style as he uses anecdotes, story and interactive sessions to engage workshop participants in thinking, feeling and reacting to the knowledge being shared.   Take a look at the brochure and think about how this workshop might apply to you.

If you have any queries about the workshop please get in touch with either myself or Peter.  We would really appreciate it if you circulate this to anyone you think might be interested, within and outside the NRM industry.