For those of you who have attended our Connecting through Conversation or Knowledge Management workshops, we will have shared with you the ‘Cynefin Framework’, an excellent way to look at the different ‘systems’ we operate in and how we can move between them.  Cognitive Edge is launching a new webinar series that provides:

  • an overview of Cognitive Edge’s principles and approaches (such as the Cynefin Framework explained in Dave Snowden and Mary Boone’s November 2007 article ‘A Leader’s Framework for Decision Making’ in the Harvard Business Review),
  • some case studies of how these principles and approaches are used in Cognitive Edge and Network Practitioner projects around the world and
  • the value delivered as a result of those projects.

The webinars are forty minute presentations followed by a twenty minute Q&A session. There is no charge for participating in these sessions.  If you are interested in registering on-line to be a part of one of the webinars (the one on the 6th of June at 2.00pm looks the best to me) then follow this link.