Luke sent me this fabulous story last week and I had to share it with everyone!

“I actually have a funny story about when I wore the shirt into the local fish and chip shop the other night. The guy behind the counter was very impressed with the shirt, so much so that he had to call out the rather large, elderly Italian Momma from the deep fryer down the back to take a look at the shirt. He was telling her that he will have to get shirts like this, when she asked me if she could have mine. I stupidly said only if she swaps me hers, she then proceeded to start taking her shirt off, the guy behind the counter promptly telling me not to encourage her and pulling her shirt back down. I had to let her know that I was only joking and that she could not have my shirt, but needless to say it has proven very popular, and gets lots of comments where ever I wear it.”

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