Groundwater dependent ecosystems include wetlands, baseflow ecosystems, stygofauna (fauna living within aquifers), estuarine and marine ecosystems, fauna and terrestrial vegetation. The nature and degree of their dependence on groundwater varies significantly. Often groundwater dependent ecosystems rely on groundwater for a certain period of time and without access the result can be irreversible ecological damage or long recovery periods.  This new National Water Commission report uses seven case studies to capture information on the range and extent of management tools available and the effectiveness of water planning policy controls in protecting groundwater dependent ecosystems. It attempts to capture the current status of the scientific knowledge (data and analysis) for supporting effective policy decisions related to the protection and management of groundwater dependent ecosystems.

This Waterlines publication will be of interest to a broad audience including decision makers, water planners and policy makers, water managers, ecosystem and catchment managers, environmental regulators, and water authorities.  Follow this link to download the report.