A story with heart and soil.

I finally ordered this great documentary/movie from the USA and it is just fantastic.  It is an insightful and timely film that tells the story of the glorious and unappreciated material beneath our feet.

The movie is inspired by William Bryant Logan’s acclaimed book Dirt : the ecstatic skin of the Earth.  The movie takes a humourous and substantial look into the history and current state of the living organic matter that we come from and will later return to.

Unfortunately for Australians it is only available in Region 1 format – but it plays on my Mac without any problems.

If you want to see some of the shorts and a preview, go to the web site of Dirt the Movie.  I also ordered the canvas bag and Tee shirt.

This is a wonderful example of how to use story to get your message across.  In the environmental science area we could be doing so much more of this to get the message across about topics such as climate change and water management.