Bouncing Forward:
Six perspectives on the COVID experience

In our latest podcast episode of ‘Take me to the river’ we spoke to Paul Ryan about the idea of bouncing forward – if you missed this, you can have a listen to the episode here.

As a follow up, we reached out to our network and asked a few people about their experience of COVID, as well as any learnings they will ‘bounce forward’ with. Here are six diverse perspectives that span university, government and not-for-profit spheres – we are curious to know how many you resonate with, and whether it encourages you to think about what COVID has meant for you.

Kate McMaster

Kate is a capacity development consultant, social entrepreneur, social scientist and sustainability practitioner. She works across sectors and cultures to work collaboratively with people to develop life-affirming and resilient leadership.

Stuart Naylor

Stuart is an accomplished program leader in natural resource and source water protection fields. He has extensive experience in negotiating partnerships with individuals and organisations, designing grants and incentives policies to engage community and local government.

Lori Gould

Lori specialises in rehabilitation projects that focus on engaging the community in improving biodiversity, linking vegetation, and protecting our rivers and streams.  She is practical, approachable and a great person to talk to about all things riparian. She is also a skilled community practitioner and is always willing to share her experiences with others.

Adam Shipp

Adam prides himself on his strong work ethic and proven ability to design and deliver catered programs, projects and workshops for his clients. His knowledge and passion for his culture and people drives him to deliver great services for his local community. Yurbay (You ra bi) the name of his business is the Wiradjuri word for ‘seed’.

Suzy Nethercott-Watson

Suzy is interested in the environment, conservation, wildlife, energy, water, sustainability and, natural resource management. A natural leader, Suzy has recently founded a not for profit called Two Green Threads which focuses on supporting wildlife carers at individual, community and industry levels.

Ian Rutherfurd

Ian is a fluvial geomorphologist with 30 years experience working on the geomorphology and management of streams. He is well known throughout the Australian natural resources management sector as a great communicator, sharing his knowledge about streams, rivers and people with energy, expertise and humour.

Have a listen to Take me to the river:
Episode 4 – Bouncing Forward

Paul Ryan – founding director of the Australian Resilience Centre, and a global leader in resilience, adaptation and transformation practice – joins us for a ‘Conversation over a Cuppa’ as we look into the idea of ‘bouncing forward’. The term stems from the notion that the popular belief about resilience being our ability to ‘bounce back’ is a flawed concept. This is because when we go through a traumatic experience such as the bushfires and current pandemic conditions, we come out the other end with lived experience and knowledge that we previously didn’t have. It is not only improbable, therefore, but impossible to return back to the state we entered the experience with. Instead, resilience can be associated with our ability to ‘bounce forward’. What can we learn from the experience, adapt to, and build into our lives going forward?