I recently found a new TED talk that I have been sharing in workshops and with friends.  It is by Shawn Achor and it is all about how happiness makes sense for the individual and the organisation.  The talk is very entertaining and demonstrates how investing in happiness can boost an organisation’s productivity by investing in people and creating conditions in which they can flourish.  In terms of ourselves, Achor says there are five things that we can do to foster happiness:

  • Positive emotion  (practice gratitude each day)
  • Physical Health (exercise, mediation)
  • Meaning and Purpose in your personal and professional life
  • Others and Connectedness (random acts of kindness)
  • Achievement and Accomplishment

You have probably heard about most of these but the one I wanted to focus on was practicing random acts of kindness – the reason is that Veronique, a lovely lady I met in Mackay, sent me a gorgeous card with message:

 “Thinking of You”!!  This is Broken River, Eungella National Park near Mackay.  It was 4.30 pm, the sun was starting to go down, the temperature was dropping by the minute, the colours were glorious…

It felt so lovely to be sent something out of the blue and I was happy for the rest of the day – thank you Veronique!

I encourage you to practice a few random acts of kindness today, a thoughtful email, a thank you, an unexpected cappuccino…. it will make those you are being kind towards feel so good, as well as giving you a happiness boost too.


Shawn Achor – the Happy Secret to Better Work