At eight years old, Arron Wood jumped into the billabong near his Mildura home and emerged covered in a toxic, blue-green algae that seared his eyes and left a rash all over his body. It was a pivotal moment for Arron, the beginning of a life committed to preserving the environment that he now shares in his new autobiography, Billabong Boy.

We are interested in Arron’s story as he has won many environmental awards and in 2000, founded Firestarter, a Victorian-based environmental education organisation that uses an innovative ‘kids teaching kids‘ approach to developing young leaders.  Arron also facilitates relationships between environmental industries and businesses, governments and the general public.  Read more about Arron’s story here, or to order the book go to the New Holland website.  In July I am off to see Arron to talk about ways the ARRC and Firestarter can work together.  Siwan