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Pat and I decided it was time for a new look and feel for our monthly newsletter.  We wanted a look that reflects our efforts to ‘bounce forward’, as we hopefully move into a less turbulent 2020.  The theme of ‘bouncing forward’ is one we explore in a variety of ways, with stories about on-ground projects for bushfire recovery and native species, mentoring for support, and motivation; and our new podcast with Paul Ryan talking about what makes some individuals and communities more resilient than others when faced with both challenges and opportunities.  We are particularly pleased in this National Reconciliation Week to be sharing a new part of our ARRC website that will be featuring Aboriginal stories and knowledge.  Please take the time to grab a cuppa and enjoy the newsletter.  Make sure to watch the video at the end which shares a beautiful bed time story about how the past few months could be used to motivate and create a new future for us all.

– Siwan and the ARRC team 😊


Rivers of Carbon Update

We have two new updates through our Rivers of Carbon program. Our first story visits the Bumbalong valley, where an aggressive fire storm swirled through the area on the 1st of February 2020, with devastating impacts on many of the properties in that small tight knit community.  We are now helping the bushfire recovery process.

As part of a Local Land Services’ program: Reaching for the Recovery of the Endangered Macquarie Perch in South East NSW, our second update looks at how we are working with landholders to improve habitat for Murrumbidgee River Maccas by controlling access of domestic livestock, providing alternate water, removing weeds and revegetating 6ha of targeted riparian and instream habitat.

Erosion, ash and sediment: post bushfire recovery in the Bumbalong Valley

We look at the road to recovery and the many after effects – from the clean-up of destroyed property, to changing chemical nature of the soil, increased run-offs, and ash and sediment compromising entering our waterways and affecting stream health for years to come.

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Murrumbidgee Maccas Project

This project will make a valuable contribution to recovering Macquarie Perch populations in our region. The threats this fish currently experiences are chronic, cumulative, varied and widespread. The project partners will develop a detailed regional action and monitoring plan to guide future efforts toward long-term population stability.

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Community Knowledge Survey

A quick online ‘baseline community knowledge survey’ has been put together so that we can understand more about what people know about the Macquarie Perch, its habitat needs and its threats. The survey closes on 15th June 2020.

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Episode 4: Bouncing Forward

Thank you to Paul Ryan from the Australian Resilience Centre for taking the time to have a conversation over a cuppa! ☕️

The title of this episode – Bouncing Forward – was inspired by a concept shared by Paul in a webinar series on Resilience, hosted with the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority. The phrase stems from the notion that the popular belief about resilience being our ability to ‘bounce back’ is a flawed concept. When we go through a traumatic experience such as the bushfires and current pandemic conditions, we come out the other end with lived experience and knowledge that we previously didn’t have. Therefore we cannot return back to the state we were in before the experience.

Instead, resilience should be associated with our ability to ‘bounce forward’. What can we learn from the experience, adapt to, and build into our lives going forward? Have a listen!

If you are a Spotify user, you can have a listen here.

My video interview with Paul can also be viewed here.


Rivers, the veins of our Country

In light of National Reconciliation Week, we have been working with the Muray-Darling Basin Authority, and would like to share with you the first story from a collection of ten short stories titled ‘Rivers, the veins of of Country’. These true short stories demonstrates the deep connection individuals and communities have to water and rivers. Additionally, these stories (or ‘case studies’) show how First Nations peoples are working across the Basin to achieve shared cultural and environmental benefits through the delivery of water for the environment. These stories have been developed in collaboration between the First Nations, the states and Commonwealth agencies from across the Murray-Darling Basin, and you will be able to read more of them on the ARRC website in the coming weeks.

This first story was developed by Fiona Giles, First Peoples Coordinator, Department of Environment and Water in South Australia.

Listening to Elders — Chowilla Floodplain Water

First Peoples of the River Murray and Mallee Region (South Australia)

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Applications open for Twinning Program 2021

We are now taking applications for the Waterway Management Twinning Program 2021. Our 2020 Program is well underway with 7 partnerships, and these great people will join our already established 29 mentoring partnerships and an alumni of 61 individuals from government, non-government and private consultancy organisations. 2021 will be the 6th year of the program which uses mentoring to improve the on-ground delivery of Victorian river and riparian restoration projects. Personal and professional development are key outcomes, along with expanded networks and communication skills. See the program in action in the video and learn more about the program by clicking the button below.

Note: Fully funded scholarships are available for mentees from Landcare and Traditional Owner groups.

Learn more about the program details here


Lastly, we leave you with this brilliant video by Kiwi-born Welsh YouTuber and poet, Tomos Roberts, called ‘The Great Realisation’.  My friend Kate Macmaster who is Programs Director at the Peter Cullen Trust sent this video through to me.  Kate and I have been talking a lot lately about what the ‘great Covid 19 pause’ has revealed – guess what, we can reduce air travel, we can work from home, we can slow down, we can focus on our relationships with each other and our planet.  Tomos shares a story about the power of reflection and how we can use our insight to create a better future for ourselves and, more importantly, future generations.  (I also love the fact that he has a welsh name like me!)


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