A fantastic opportunity to refresh your skills, or learn some new ones in the beautiful high country of Victoria. This is an opportunity to learn about the plants, animals, landforms and soils that make up alpine ecosystems, in the context of land use and conservation issues. The emphasis is on practical demonstration and field experience. Most sessions are conducted in the field in small groups. A formal knowledge of botany, zoology or geology is not required – each session provides the basic knowledge needed to understand the topic.  Applications due by 26th November 2012, with a deposit of $330

When: Sunday 3rd to Friday 8th February 2013
Where: Bogong High Plains and Falls Creek Resort
Accommodation at CSIR Aurora Lodge, Falls Creek

Enquiries: Sandra Bowers Tel: 03 9479 2190 Email: alpine.ecology@latrobe.edu.au
www.australianalpineecology.org/ (see ‘Ecology Course’)