Thank you to Mick Smith from the Sunshine Coast Council for sending me through the link to this great documentary which is a must for anyone interested in rivers.  The film is described as a:

personal and hopeful introduction to one of the biggest threats facing our world’s lifelines, as told by the people at the forefront of the global movement. Filmed at Rivers for Life 3 – a 2010 gathering of 350 river activists from 50 countries, which International Rivers helped organize in rural Mexico – this documentary touches on issues such as how climate change will affect rivers and dams; what happens to communities displaced by or living downstream of large dams; and what kinds of solutions exist that both preserve our life-giving waterways while meeting our needs for energy and water.

The documentary features Steve Burgess and Glenda Pickersgill talking about the three year fight they waged with the support of their community to stop the Mary River from being dammed.  We support the work of International Rivers and encourage you to visit their website regularly, the organisation believes in the importance of bringing people together so that we can encourage and motivate each other in the work we do to protect and restore our rivers.  To watch the film click here.