In a bold move the International Riversymposium team has bravely left Brisbane to host the event in Perth!  I applaud this initiative, as river protection, restoration and management is happening all around Australia and it is great to have the opportunity to attract people with a new location.

I am particularly excited about the Riversymposium this year, as it is my first as one of the domestic Riverprize judges – what an honour this is as we get down to our final round of judging.  I have been so impressed with the quality of applications, and am heartened and thrilled to see so much great work going on in our river, creeks, wetlands and waterways.  I encourage anyone who can, to get to Perth, I will be presenting a paper, as well as running a few workshops with Natalie Baker from the International River Foundation on ‘connecting through conversation’ and ‘knowledge sharing’.  I look forward to seeing you there!  For more information click here.