Our rivers depend on holistic management.
Your involvement matters.

Our rivers depend on holistic management.
Your involvement matters.

At the Australian River Restoration Centre, we strongly believe in integrating environmental, social and cultural factors so that we can enable a holistic approach to our river management.

For us, this means that river champions across natural resource management, government, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, science & educational institutions, landcare groups, rural landholders and local community members, need to work together and build upon their collaborative knowledge, experience and science.

Siwan to caption

The ARRC facilitates conversations between these river champions,
and we invite you to join the conversation:

Say hello at the ASM Conference

It’s a shame we won’t be in the same space physically, though please drop in virtually to say hello to Siwan Lovett, Lori Gould, Ian Rayner or Pat Gudhka from the ARRC via the Networking tab in the left menu of the online platform. We also encourage you to attend the ‘How we work’ session, taking place on Tuesday 3rd August, 8:45 – 10:15am.

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Our podcast invites river champions from diverse backgrounds to contribute to river management conversations; unpacking their experiences and work with rivers. 

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