Did you know that people who are optimistic live longer lives by 20% – this is an amazing statistic when you think about it and one that all of us can do something about being a part of.

The Mayo Clinic undertook research into the impact of optimism with one of the staff psychiatrists (more here) saying:

“It confirmed our commonsense belief. It tells us mind and body are linked and that attitude has an impact on the final outcome, death.”

This statement is further supported by a Yale University researchers statement that:

‘Positive self-perceptions can prolong life expectancy’.

So what can you do about becoming more optimistic?  I have been doing quite a bit of reading on this subject and it seems that 30 days is the magic time needed to start forming new habits and ways of thinking.  the Family Health Guide team in the UK have put together 10 strategies for becoming more optimistic which including enjoying the moment, practicing gratitude, starting the day on a positive note and sharing your professional and personal life with positive people.

Take a look at the list, I have printed it out and put it in front of my work desk for the next 30 days as my very own ‘Happiness Project’, why don’t you join me?    Siwan