I love this idea of capturing people’s thoughts, impressions and experiences in one or two minutes using film- take a look at this great collection of video snapshots taken recently at the celebration event for 30 years of Greening Australia in the Capital Region.  It is a great approach and one you may like to think about for sending out Christmas messages. http://1minutein30years.blogspot.com.au/

Greening Australia Storytelling in Action

I also got this lovely anecdote from Simon Moore at Greening Australia about how workshops we did on the power of story has been put into place to encourage people to donate their change for the benefit of Glossy Black Cockatoos!

The two days of  training with the talented Siwan was superbly helpful.  Contrasting the stereotypical  low-levels of industry workplace communication, Siwan’s workshops encouraged cooperative and effective communication with entertaining engagement. The story spine was a practical and suitable tool that I have since used. ‘The Story of the Glossy Black Cockatoos’ is now in prime position in one of our partner’s shopfronts! If I ever need a refresher of Siwan’s course, I look for the bright-coloured folder that stands out in a plethora of manila. Thank you Siwan for brightening up my life!

Thank you Simon – that is a wonderful way of saying thankyou!

Siwan 🙂

Photo: Dr Siwan’s story spine exercise in action!