THANK YOU if you are reading this post, as it means you are someone  who cares about our rivers and the people who live and work along them.  The Australian River Restoration Centre has had an amazing year and plenty of offers of work for 2011 are ‘flowing’ in which is great.  We are hoping to spend more time in 2011 looking at ways to raise money for our public good activities so our website can become even better and we can do more to provide people with opportunities for sharing and celebrating the work they do.

We want to say a very special thank you to Allison Mortlock for all the wonderful graphic design she does for us free of charge (Angel Ink Pty Ltd) as well as our volunteers – Bruce Boyes for being our website master, Melanie Randall for assisting us with our Land & Water Australia Legacy Conference and Melissa Gabelle for keeping our website updated.  We also want to acknowledge the support from our clients including; the National Water Commission (Matthew, Richard, Jennifer and Clare), Central West CMA (Jane and Tim), Desert Channels Queensland (Roelie and Leanne), Murray-Darling Basin Authority (Matthew, Christine and Jason) and  CSIRO Water for a Healthy Country (Ian, Mary, Bill, Scott and Warwick).  Friendships are so important and we value the ones we have with all our supporters – all the very best to you and your family and we look forward to continuing our work (and fun) with you in 2011.

Siwan, Nerida, Matt and Phil