I was so pleased that Jamie Kaye contacted me straight after the Australian Stream Management Conference to let me know about this lovely story project undertaken by the Wangaratta City Council…..

The Rural City of Wangaratta were calling for anyone who had interest, history or stories about our local waterways.  The diverse range of stories that were produced are really engaging, ranging from childhood memories, modern day kids experiences, working to build flood protection infrastructure, flooding experiences, waterway changes, restoration and ecology.  Siwan, these video’s provide fantastic ‘narrative’ to our rivers from a range of perspectives. These stories are an important recorded history (not so much mine) and one of the interviewees has since passed away (Bob Sloane).   The stories, entitled ‘Telling River Secrets’  provide an informative and historic record of waterway experiences in the Wangaratta area.   Jamie Kaye, Watertech

Following the links provided by Jamie I went to look at the Wangaratta Digital Quilt which has the stories on it. I throroughly recommend watching Bob Sloane of Kicker Kayaks who has some wonderful old notices about what you can and cannot do along the river…. There are also two more river stories on the Generations Wangaratta Digital Storytelling Site, with my favourite being Alan Gibb talking about Revegetating Hurdle Creek.

The ARRC is keen to keep sharing knowledge, stories and ideas – just email siwan.lovett@arrc.com.au with your contribution.  Thank you Jamie!