March 2014 will see the release of the next edition of RipRap with a focus on biodiverse carbon and riparian connectivity as ways to mitigate and adapt to climate change. The Rivers of Carbon project will be featured in this edition, and we are now open to ideas and contributions from people about other articles to be included. As you know, we have to charge for contributions, but we keep our rates as low as possible.

Sponsorship for one A4 page is as little as $800, with a three page article just $2500. Our agreement with you includes:

  • Editing your article and liaising with you to get your contribution reading and looking fabulous.
  • Prominently featuring your logo on the inside cover of the RipRap magazine.
  • Hard copies of the magazine (amount depends on your level of sponsorship).
  • The ability to order additional hard copies of RipRap at below retail price (ideal for handing out at workshops, community events etc.).
  • Distribution via the RipRap App, with Edition 37 available for $5.49.
  • Your article sent to you as a stand-alone pdf, with your logo, for use in other publications and events (available once the edition is released).

We would love to work with you on developing this RipRap, but we need to know we have the interest, support and funding before we can go ahead. In total we need to raise $25,000 to create a RipRap that is bold, beautiful and packed full of great knowledge and inspirational stories from across Australia.

Please get in touch via as soon as possible, as a decision about whether to go ahead with this edition will need to be made in the next few weeks.