I have been having such a great time recently as Curate Bee (Pat, Sandra & Melissa), Allison (my long time designer) and the ARRC work together to update, rebrand and revitalise our look, approach and sense of purpose. For those of you who know me, I began the ARRC when my (beloved) Land & Water Australia was shut down. I wanted to ensure that the work we had done remained accessible, and the relationships I had made over many years were maintained and broadened. I also wanted to create an organisation that was not subject to the whims of politics and the political process. It has sometimes been hard to keep the ARRC ‘afloat’, however, this past six months has really seen the organisation turn a corner, with great new partnerships, terrific projects and the return of RipRap.

arrc logo for postWe wanted to celebrate the ARRC’s coming of age with a new look and logo. Allison has designed a logo that shows the ARRC being supported by two embracing ‘ark like’ curves, which could also be thought of as arms hugging and valuing all that the ARRC contains. Our purpose is to support, inspire and motivate people to value themselves and the rivers they care about. If you are reading this blog you are part of the ARRC and are being ‘hugged’ within the logo we have developed. We have also revamped our blog into a new Email Newsletter that has a combination of river research, events, happiness and social media information. We hope you enjoy this mix as it represents the themes we are interested in promoting through the ARRC. We are also gradually updating our website’s look so stay tuned for developments.

We appreciate any help you can give us in spreading the word about what we are doing at the ARRC. We really want to get RipRap out across Australia, so we can boost optimism, congratulate ourselves on the work we do, and keep great conversations and stories being shared.

Thank you for supporting us
Siwan 🙂